Chris J.

Chris lost both of her parents to lung cancer and hopes to raise awareness about the disease through LUNG FORCE.

Her life significantly changed when she sought relief from the high stress of her own life and discovered massage therapy. Her motivation for becoming a massage therapist was to help people live healthier, richer, more fulfilling lives. Today, Chris is committed to her health, enriching her life and her practice through such activities as meditation, yoga, hiking and ongoing massage training.

She lives in Boston with her wife Kristen, 4 year old twin daughters and cat.

Chris is profoundly sad that because of lung cancer, her children will never get to meet their grandparents.

"I share my voice because I know that early detection and early checkups can really help. By the time both of my parents found out they had lung cancer, they were already inoperable and in Stage 4. My hope is that by getting the word out about this terrible disease, more education and awareness about lung cancer will significantly help people and their families to not have to go through all that our family did."