Cynthia M.

I have depended on the power of my lungs for many years as I sang in more than 200 performances with the Metropolitan Opera in New York at Lincoln Center and throughout the United States and Japan.

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer after it was detected by a CAT scan while experiencing minor chest pain. When my doctor told me I had lung cancer, I was shocked. But with a terrific medical team I was able to find a solution. My doctor, who conducted an inventive robotic surgery, removed half of my lung. I quickly recovered and now am living cancer free.

Today, I am a professor and am committed to raising public awareness about lung cancer. I want to help focus resources on lung cancer research, screening and treatments and hopefully inspire all those who have been touched by lung disease.

I share my voice because I can. Many people cannot share their voices because they are so ill from lung cancer. I have been given life in order to be able to share with others, and give them hope that they can soon regain their health and the joys of life.