Deana H.

My mother was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer in June, 2012, after complaining of symptoms for three and a half years. Only nine months later, my mother, a Holocaust refugee, passed away. I was so angry that lung cancer had taken my mother so quickly that I started to network with other lung cancer survivors, advocates and specialists to bring awareness to the prevalence of this disease. I use the Twitter handle, Faces of Lung Cancer, to rally voices together in an effort to make lung cancer a disease people care about. I currently live in California and work in marketing, which I like to call my "other job" because my real work is bringing an end to this terrible disease through research funding and awareness.

I share my voice because I want people with lung cancer to have a decent survival rate. I want people with lung cancer to have better, less toxic treatments. I want to have more screening opportunities for lung cancer as there are few at the moment, and I especially want no stigma against people with lung cancer.